One month ago 100 talented students and young professionals participated in the amazing, competitive and intensive 24 hour creation battle: A competition that challenged their creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Six teams have reached the finals and will be working together with our partners on their solutions.

The Engie Algae team

The emissions cast by global maritime trade will skyrocket to an astonishing 17% of all global COemissions by 2050. The Engie Algae team has great ambition to drastically cut down and reuse the emitted gasses by using algae growing units both as filter and as new clean biofuel. The global energy market is transitioning toward a more sustainable and circular way of production and distribution, and our team wants to use our concept to lead Engie into the new era of energy production. We are very lucky to have a diverse team. The expertise of our members ranges from exact and in engineering to economical and entrepreneurial. By tackling the technical challenges and setting up a broad coalition of business partners, Engie Algae seeks to use a solid and viable business plan to make a big impact on  the energy market, the port of Rotterdam and the emission of CO2 worldwide.

Team Noah – CGI/Gemeente Rotterdam

It is an undisputable fact, that the world has never changed as quickly as it has today, and that tomorrow it will change faster. Rotterdam’s closing of the Maastunnel is but one manifestation of this increasing pressure for urban innovation to take root. Its closure will inconvenience the people of Rotterdam and is but the first of many instances where aging infrastructure needs to be developed to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

Yet where the pessimists foresee congestion, lost business opportunities and unhappy citizens, we see an opportunity. What we see is a window in which we can communicate with the citizens of Rotterdam. The solution we propose is to create a communication platform between the municipality and its citizens. The purpose of this platform is to involve the citizens of Rotterdam a way to get involved in making their city, cleaner, more modern and more innovative for the future. For the purpose of the Rotterdam100 competition we aim to deliver a detailed implementation strategy and stakeholder analysis to underpin our vision for the Rotterdam of the future.

Team Laura – KPN 

We would like to introduce Laura, your digital medicine assistant.

The Dutch population is aging more and more rapidly. Research has indicated that only around 50% of the elderly people takes their medicine in the way that’s prescribed to them. That means, half of this group needs help. Therefore, this could bring about a great opportunity for KPN to introduce IoT solutions in the consumer market. We want to help reminding the elderly to take their medication.

We want to solve your problem with the following approach. Our goal is to create an e-health assistant that helps with monitoring drug intake. This includes sensor devices connected via the KPN LoRa network to notify users and their relatives about the drug intake, preventing users facing health issues from not taking their drug. It can send you notifications via Facebook and you can ask it anything.

Team Port of Rotterdam

The area within the port stretches far and wide and many companies are located inside of it. However, there are many free plots within this area which have yet to find their purpose. All these open plots are loss of opportunity and our idea involves using a few of these plots to increase sustainability and decrease contribution to environmental issues within the port.

Our idea is to create a network of waste processing facilities which are spread out over the port area. Plots are being selected based on their location and by the type and amount of waste which is being produced by the surrounding companies within the port area. The facilities would be able to process certain kinds of waste. The waste can then find a new use by being sold back to the port companies or to a third party.

Waste collecting will be done using a smartphone application and an electric vehicle. The companies will be provided with an application which they can use on their phones, tablets or even computers. It will be possible for them to select the amount and type of waste that they wish to dispose of. The next day, the application will have all the requests processed and converted into a route for the electric vehicle. The vehicle will then be able to efficiently collect all the waste. More of these facilities would increase overall efficiency and allows for a bigger network of companies, which will create a sustainable and zero-emission solution for the port as a whole.

Team Karaoke Stars – ABN AMRO

Every day, the department receives numbers of pages, which are then scanned and edited on a computer, only to be printed out again. Day after day, employees have to carry out this tedious work which costs time, money and trees. But we’re talking about sensitive documents here with a huge intrinsic value: how can we digitalize these processes in a way that guarantees the security of these extremely sensitive documents?
Our two-fold strategy aims to change ABN AMRO in such a way, that it will not just keep up with the innovation and digitalization that’s currently taking place – but proudly be at the forefront of it. We want to revolutionize the way the banking sector deals with documents and contracts, by implementing highly innovative Blockchain technology in the form of ‘smart contracts’. These are programmable contracts that automatically execute when pre-defined conditions are met. Apart from introducing this novel, yet secure and reliable technology, we also intend on redesigning ABN AMRO’s Innovation Centre into an Innovation Hub for all. In our vision, innovation is not just for the executive higher-ups. To truly be resilient and futureproof, employees of all ages, genders and academic backgrounds, will need to be included in the digitalization process.

Team Soundies

We are Team Soundies and our idea is to develop a community to establish a healthy and happy life. Soundies started with a light, not-to-be-cooled product format which is gaining more and more popularity: food bars. We aim to sharpen brand value and improve Soundies’ website, in order to make people more aware of the unique benefits of eating a Soundies bar. Our diverse team is excited to do the best we can and create a creative solution. We are looking forward to pitch our idea in the grand finale!