Terms & Conditions

If you become part of the Rotterdam100 you get the chance to meet and exchange with key players from different industries. When you apply you accept to the following conditions:

1. Definition

A person, who provides information via his profile and has access to this event via his/her log in credentials. This profile includes contact information, backgruond information, CV and Linkedin.


The technical infrastructure exists of every link accessible via and information provided on on this website (rotterdam100.nl).

Rotterdam100 is a program supported by SMO and executed by the SMO Rotterdam100 student board.

2. Services and Limitation of Liability

Rotterdam100 does not regulate the communication between Users and Employers. We solely support the establishment of a connection and execution of supporting events. Rotterdam100 therefore does not accept any legal liability for any content of any communication and/or any information that is not provided by Rotterdam100.

3. User agreement

Users accept providing accurate and truthful information in their application. All information provided is accesible to the matched company. If Rotterdam100 has valid reason to believe the information is incomplete or misleading, they are entitled to terminate and delete the profile.
Only students who are enrolled at a Dutch University are entitled to create a profile and participate. All students selected agree to participate in all events with a proactive attitude. Rotterdam100 reserves itself the right to exectute a penalty for misconduct.

4. Penalty

Misbehavior and damage has to be compensated by the responsible party. Participation can be cancelled before the 26th of March 2018. Any cancellation afterwards a fine of 20€ is applied to cover expenses (ie. food, location etc.). Only cancellation due to sickness or a first/second degree relatives death are excused. A medical certificate has to be sended in for proof.

5. Questions

Any compliants can be sended to contact@smostudents.nl. For further questions please send an email to chairman@smostudents.nl. We will respond as soon as possible.