Case solutions Rotterdam100 2018

Below this introduction, you will find the cases on which the Rotterdam100 talents will work during the 24 hour creation battle. A brief summary is given for each respective case. The talents are free in developing their own solution to their specific case. The best solutions will take it up with each other during the finals.

CASE 1 CGI/GEM.ROTTERDAM: Nudging towards responsible mobility choices

Your challenge is to come up with a nudge that causes inhabitants of Rotterdam to make more responsible mobility choices. The nudge should take the shape of or involve an application or other kind of modern technology and should make inhabitants become more aware of the mobility choices they make. In particular, it should gently push them towards using parking in garages and using electric, shared cars and scooters, bicycles and public transport instead of private cars. You are encouraged to make use of existing policy plans and available data.

CASE 2 ABN AMRO: Becoming an employer of the future

Your challenge is to formulate a human-resources plan that describes how ABN AMRO remains an attractive employer that appeals to new talent with digital skills. Your plan should take into account internal communication, sustainable employability, recruitment, applicability and corporate communication (see below). The presentation of your plan is entirely up to you, but the more creative, the better!

CASE 3 TNO: Explainable Fake News Detection

Your challenge is to provide insight into the process by which a fake-news detector distinguishes fake news from real news. A solution to the challenge makes visible or otherwise understandable to lay persons how machine-learning algorithms arrive at a conclusion that some news item is fake or true. The solution may simply be a written explanation of the inner workings of instantiated algorithms but is ideally a bit more creative than that, taking the shape of a (model or concept of a) software-application, for example.

CASE 4 HUMANITAS: An all-in-one renovation plan for Vreewijk

Your challenge is to come up with an affordable renovation plan for Vreewijk. A solution to the challenge must describe how more than 1.300 (out of 7.000) apartments in Vreewijk can be renovated in a way that is consistent with laws relating to its character and addresses sustainability, social vulnerability and employment in the area as well as the area’s economy.

CASE 5 MAASSTAD ZIEKENHUIS: Innovations for the future of elderly care

Your challenge is to devise a new concept, technology or care-and-cure model that helps Maasstad Hospital improve outpatient elderly care in Rotterdam. It is up to you to decide whether you focus on taking pressure off the healthcare system through digital measures, on the organisational aspect of outpatient care, on preventive care, on supporting healthcare professionals in their daily tasks using robotics or on yet another aspect of elderly care that we haven’t thought of. As long as your idea helps us provide optimal care to elderly patients while they continue to live at home.

CASE 6 UNILEVER: Making our laundry brands more sustainable

Your challenge is to come up with an innovative idea to help make Unilever’s Dirt-is-good laundry brand more sustainable. The idea should address plastic waste, possible collaborations, brand purpose, consumer awareness and behaviour as well as promotion of the brand. In helping us move towards sustainability, we would also like you to consider current developments in the market for FMCGs, such as changes in supply channels, fragmentation, increasing demand for convenience and market disruption.

CASE 7 FEYENOORD: Designing a multi-purpose attraction for Feyenoord’s new stadium

Your challenge is to design a unique attraction that takes the new Feyenoord stadium as its starting point. The attraction should help generate traffic in the stadium itself and the area the surrounding it (De Strip). It should be sustainable, promote inclusion and healthy living and should help secure the financial viability of the Feyenoord City project. Moreover, the attraction should become a ‘must-see’ for every person visiting Rotterdam.